Model Driven Approachについて

MDAという言葉が出てきますが、これはModel Driven ArchitectureではなくModel Driven Approachで、「モデル駆動アプローチ」の評価についての興味深い記事がありました。

  1. To Whom Model-Driven Approach is Dangerous?


  1. 8 reasons why Model-Driven Development is dangerous


  1. MDD actually introduces a lot of rigidity
  2. Models are only flexible where flexibility has been designed
  3. The roles of project members are quite different
  4. The modeling environment doesn’t always support version control
  5. The modeling tool/approach is “almost” finished at project start
  6. The requirements team needs to understand what is allowed and what not
  7. MDD is sold to the customer, but the team has no experience
  8. Innovation distracts


Model Driven Approachについて


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