“We are pleased to announce the release of the RM-ODP plugin for MagicDraw 15.5+, which is now available for download at http://www.jrromero.net/tools.html.  The MagicDraw UML4ODP plugin facilitates the development of ODP systems specifications, according to the guidelines and structuring rules provided by the RM-ODP and UML4ODP standards.  It also enables the validation of all viewpoint models, checking that they fulfill the constraints prescribed by UML4ODP and RM-ODP.  In this way, UML modelers can draw their ODP specifications and then check that they conform to the standard (both individual viewpoint models and the complete ODP specification model).  Errors and warnings found in the models during the validation process are clearly reported to the user, showing the precise elements where conflicts are found.  With this tool we provide full support for UML4ODP specifications, making easier their development and maintenance.

We currently provide two different flavors for the plugin:
– Basic edition, which provides the editing capabilities for writing ODP specifications using UML.
– Full edition, which includes both the editing and the validation capabilities.


  1. MagicDraw v15+ plugin for RM-ODP and UML4ODP



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