eclipse Sphinx project proposalについて


  • “To provide an open and extensible platform enabling rapid creation of integrated modeling tool environments (IME) for individual or multiple modeling languages;
  • To ensure that the resulting modeling tool support yields industrial strength scalability and robustness out-of-the box;
  • To support a domain- and vendor-independent interoperability layer (backbone) for off-the-shelf and in-house modeling tool components supporting the same or different modeling languages which users can easily combine to create individually tailored continuous modeling tool chains;
  • To support controlled and coordinated management either of individual modeling tool components (e.g., update, upgrade, addition, removal, activation, deactivation, etc.) or of entire modeling tool chains (e.g., coordinated switchover to new versions of multiple mutually-coupled modeling tool components, reverting to old modeling tool chain configurations in case of problems or when needing to work on retired projects).”

時間はかかるとだろうと思いますが成功してほしいプロジェクトです。 ベースのTechnologyとしてはAUTOSAR関連のArtopプロジェクトやPapyrusの名前があがっており、Systems Engineering系での経験や実績に基づいたものになりそうです。 期待したいと思います。

  1. Sphinx project proposal
eclipse Sphinx project proposalについて


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